the same sticks and stones you know and love, only this time scrolling side to side

explore a vibrant, hand-drawn, 2d world

collect all the sticks and stones in the land to win!

Development log


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Digging the collage look and the parallax scrolling -- I got 24 sticks and 25 rocks... I feel like I'm missing a stick! I see the character has a bow, and maybe there will be crafting? I'll keep an eye open for updates!

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Has an interesting look to it, with scanned traditional drawings in the background and a simple sketch look for the character. Not much challenge for the player, though, apart from when you accidentally kick a stone or a stick and it slides a long way forward like a curling stone!

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that the first version did not have much challenge. 

I removed collision between the player and the sticks and stones, so accidentally kicking  them isn't possible anymore.  I also added a lot of scenery, which results in a (small) challenge for the player since some of the sticks and stones are now partially obscured by the game world.

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It's definitely an improvement in both looks and the gameplay. The objects now blend better in the scenery indeed.